10 March 2008

Another step closer to a patio...

Some of you readers who have been around for a while will remember the start of the patio project. With the good intentions we always seem to have, we hoped to have it done before the snow, but with an early winter and a lot of morning sickness, it just didn't get done. Finally, this weekend, in an attempt to make that side of the yard look less like a "project" for potential buyers, we did a work blitz and moved one step closer to completion.

First, we gave away the hot tub (aka, "giant planter") that had been blocking that side of the yard for over a year. Yay! I was militant about getting rid of this thing, emailing the new owners to check in every few hours, prepping everything for the move, asking J to clean up the dog poo in the yard to make a clear path. It was going to be gone by our open house on Sunday, if I had to carry it, single-handedly to the dump. And luckily, it didn't come to that. It was picked up quickly and painlessly on Friday night by a new family who is very excited about it.

Then, we packed up a trailer load of lumber scraps that I refused to landfill and dropped them off at the local wood recycling spot. Johnson Recycling shreds up scrap wood for mulch and landscaping wood chips. They take anything that doesn't have a finish (paint, chemicals, stain, etc), including tree branches. That was a great find. Plus, I think you can get mulch from them for really cheap.

Finally, we got a load of fine gravel from Lowe's to fill in between the slab that we laid last fall. It looks so much better! We need to get a bit more gravel because the stuff we poured this weekend settled over the last few days. It is getting closer to completion though. The last step in the process is to stain the concrete slab, but if we end up selling, we won't be getting to that step.

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dig this chick said...

looks great Amy! Good to know about the wood recycling. We have a garage full of stuff to to take there.