19 February 2008

Non-toxic Microwave Popcorn

So, I was surfing around on the net the other day looking for some fun new recipes. I had been following a link trail and I came across a recipe for the World's Best Popcorn (which I can't seem to find right now). In his post he mentions the horrible health concerns with microwave popcorn. WHAT?!? I had no idea. We eat tons of microwave popcorn, and while I knew that it probably wasn't the best for my cholesterol or waist line, I never considered more sinister side effects. So, needless to say, I have sworn it off. But, I was already missing the convenience of it. I tend to get distracted and burn popcorn on the stove, and we don't have an air popper or anything. I was pricing some of those options today when I came across this post. My mom makes really good carmel corn like this and I instantly started to crave it, but that was not the thing that really got my attention. Near the bottom of the post, she links to this recipe for DIY microwave popcorn. What a great find. And in the comments someone suggested adding a little sugar to the mix to make some homemade kettle corn. Brilliant! So, I ran to the store after work tonight to pick up a bag of popcorn.

The results weren't bad. I forgot to add the salt before I popped it, so I added some butter and salt afterwards. I want to try the sugar next. I will let you know how goes!

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