03 February 2008

My favorite things - scores from the past

This is definitely not garage sale season in Montana and our local thrift stores leave much to be desired sometimes. I have been missing my weekly "This Weekend's Score" postings, so I decided to share with you all some of my favorite things that I picked up in past thrifting expeditions or gathered from my parents or friends. From now until the garage sale season is in full swing, maybe this theme will satiate my appetite for a good deal. So, for week one, I wanted to show you some of my "old" favorites.

I love chickens. but I am pretty picky about the fowl that make it into my kitchen decor. This chicken was probably once a cream or milk pitcher in a country kitchen.

In the house I grew up in, it held various kitchen tools, spatulas, spoons and ladles, next to the stove. My mom knew I loved it and passed it on to me when we bought our first house a few years ago. It is still one of my favorite pieces.

I have had this little ceramic piece for a really long time. I think it may have come from a family member, but it may have just been a garage sale find. I'm not sure. I just remember it sitting on a shelf in my room along with some other knick knacks and dolls, when I was really young.

As I got older it held hair bands and barrettes, and later, a small plant. After being packed away for several years, I pulled it out when we moved into this house. I had been trying to find a good use for it in the kitchen and finally settled on using it as a sugar bowl. With a thrifted baby spoon, it is the perfect companion to Sunday morning coffee.

So, here are a few of my favorite things. Stay tuned for more!

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