26 February 2008

big belly, a dancing baby and baking with Jack

My belly feels H-U-G-E today. Not fat, not overly big, everything just feels stretched tight and crammed in there. It gets in the way now when I bend over to pick up a pen, try certain poses in yoga or just lean forward in my chair. And then I took this picture and I had to laugh out loud, because, yes, it's big, but it definitely doesn't look as big as it feels.

This pregnancy has gone so fast and I just now feel like I am starting to catch my breath. The baby is moving all of the time now and it is a strange but fabulous feeling. I keep thinking, "If you are moving this much now, what is going to happen when you get bigger." I keep joking that it is doing some crazy latin dance in there, but James is sure they are practicing their Taekwondo kicks. I am so excited to meet them and to see what they are like. It is really fun to anticipate.

Tonight we went to hang out with our friend Jack. He is the 3 year old son of some of our best friends and one of the coolest kids I know. He has a great imagination and is so funny and active. I needed to make some cookies for work, and he was so excited to help. We were doing no bake cookies, so he could help with all of it. We just pulled his tall stool up to the counter by the stove and he would add each ingredient, stirring slowly in between. We took turns with the stirring because his slow, gentle stirs were safe, but not really effective. Then, we spooned big dollops of mix onto wax paper covered cookie sheets. He kept wanting to trade spoons with me, trying to find the one that worked the best.

It was a little bit messier, but much more fun then it would have been if I had done it by myself. And it made me even more excited to meet this little bean in my belly and to play and learn and run and pretend and everything together...

Edited to add: Everyone in the world wanted to know the gender of the baby, except my dad. So, because he is an avid reader of this blog, I am trying to use terms that don't give it away. So when I used "them" or "they" I am not implying that there are multiple babies in there. If you don't already know and you want to know, email me directly.

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Mama K said...

You referred to you belly as wanting to meet THEM... is that just so you don't give the sex away on your blog or do you know something else?