29 January 2008

Saturday Skiing Adventure

After a few months of morning sickness and the craziness that only the holiday season can bring, my ballooning body was in need of some fresh air and exercise. One of my fabulous Christmas gifts from my husband was 3 months of "pregnant lady yoga". (the other was 6 weeks of ball room dance lessons, for two. he did a REALLY great job.) After going to my first class on MLK day, I was feeling good. That coupled with the inspiration provided by my fellow yogi, set the wheels in motion. On Saturday afternoon, my friend Carolyn and I headed out to a popular local spot for some cross-country skiing.

Carolyn, ready to go at the start of the day

Now, despite the fact that neither of us had gone in years, we had a great time. The weather was perfect, cold enough to keep you from roasting and the snow from being too sticky. The snow was well groomed but not too hard and the scenery was beautiful. We each took a couple of dramatic spills and made out share of funny, panicked noises on the steeper down slopes, but all in all, we survived with only minor aches and pains.

Carolyn reenacting one of her epic crashes

We took our time, walking if we didn't feel safe on a steeper stretch (pregnant lady+horrific crash= not good). We were only lapped 3 times by the woman on the skate skis who patiently passed us each time and offered encouragement. After an hour and a half of sking, chatting and laughing, I was definitely was tired, but ready to go again. Maybe this weekend...

Me, tired and hungry, but happy near the end of our trek

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