24 January 2008

The house is just about ready... to sell

So we can't really handle one big, momentous life change at a time. We like our life-rocking moments in batches of 2 or 3 at the least. Instead of just having wonderful, hip babe, we decided to finish a string of projects, sell the house and try and get into something a little bigger before the bean arrives. Who knows we may need to add something else, just to keep us from relaxing too much. Oh, and thank goodness the morning sickness is gone, because we have hit the new year running! Here are a few shots of the projects we have been working on.

Our spiffy newly-remodeled laundry area. My dad built that fabulous custom shelf behind our stacked W/D. I have a great before picture that I will try to track down.

The full laundry shot. There was a weird reflextion on the wall, so ignore that. I really like the yellow though.

In our bedroom, we painted the ceiling like the living room and touched up the walls. Love that green!

Here is a shot of the great bedroom built-in, books color coded, of course.

The manroom/office. It used to just be a manroom, but it has recently been modified. We did the ceilings in here as well.

The kitchen corner. We did this ceiling and finished the trim too.Oh, and of course I rearranged the built in and added the new chicken pitcher on the middle shelf.

Bathroom shots to come. What I have learned through all of this is that I will not put off projects. It barely took any time and it looks a bazillion times better! Now, it looks so fab around here, it might be hard to leave... but probably not.


Lisa Hensley said...

I love your paint color choices! Any chance I could get the paint color names of the green and blue?

The Hip Homemaker said...

They were both custom mixes, but I should be able to get you the formulas from the cans. I always get my paint chips from the more expensive brands (Ralph Lauren, Behr) and then take the chips to Walmart and have them scan and do a color match.

Oh, and the blue looks a little bit more turquoise then it actually is so you might want to check it out before you have it mixed. You can always come by.

autumndaesy said...

Hey doll! Congrats on your new little family member! Maybe all the projects will help with the waiting to meet your little bundle. (I moved twice while I was pregnant!) I'll have to get started knitting some booties for you. Take care!

dig this chick said...

looks fab Amy. Can't wait to see it. Yay for the laundry room. How satisfying.