06 December 2007

small (fun)

Long before I thought seriously about being a mom, I was continually smitten with well-made children's clothes, toys, furniture. Some of my favorite toys from childhood were basic, well-made fuel for my imagination: tinker toys, lincoln logs, lite-brite, wooden blocks, one small doll with handmade clothes and a doll chair made by my grandpa. I can still spend hours in the children's section at the book store and I love to play with the best of them. So, of course when I came across Small Magazine, I signed up right away. Small is "the first and only online magazine of independent design for kids". You can subscribe to get the quarterly email catalog. You can even submit some of your own hand-made wonderfulness for upcoming issues. And, they are big etsy.com cheerleaders.

I just found their Winter issue in my inbox this morning. My favorite pieces in this issue include the Moon Rocket Playhouse (which I can't seem to find for sale anywhere) and the living stones from Smarin Design. Talk about an imagination boost!

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