10 December 2007

holiday crafts... finally

This weekend, I finally found the time, energy, and health to do a little crafting and decorating. I actually got really sad when I realized that I only had 2 weeks left to make any of the fabulous gifts I had planned for this year. I think that my friends and family will be receiving "New Year's gifts" or maybe even "Valentine's gifts", but probably not Christmas gifts. I was so excited about finally being able to craft and decorate, even though it was simple, and I had to take pictures and post.

First, I put together my holiday wreath for the front door. I have a simple twig wreath that is usually on the front of the house year-round. I took that and spiffed it up a little for the holidays. I found this wonderful green ribbon and some gold and silver "berries". The finishing touch was the little "hope" star ornament. I chose the hope one because that is really what this season represents to me, the hope of changes in the new year, time to spend good time with friends and family and fun goodies to give and receive.

Next, I hung my wonderful new jingle bells on the front door. I found them at the World Market over Thanksgiving and I couldn't resist. The dog likes to lick them as she walks past, making them jingle and they ring merrily every time the door is opened and closed.

Finally, we had a lazy Sunday morning, perfect for decorating the tree. Every year we go to the forest service office and get a tree permit. Then we head out to the forest to "hunt" for a tree. We were lucky this year to go out last week, the day before all of the snow melted. We traipsed through a foot and half of soft beautiful powder, sizing up trees, throwing snow on the dog and having a great time. We finally found the perfect one, cutting it down with our shiny red saw and dragging it out to strap it to the roof of the car. One of my favorite traditions.

Sunday, we pulled all of our supplies up from the basement and decorated. We pulled out our enormous lights that we purchased for our first Christmas. They are 2in, brightly colored balls that make it so fun. Then we added our mishmash of vintage balls and random nostalgic ornaments.

The sock monkey...the heart that my grandma made for our first Christmas...the ice skating couple from my family tree...and of course, the Chicago Cubs bulb. Very ecclectic, not very "stylish", but it makes me so happy. The final touch was the handmade, quilted tree skirt that my other grandma made us. Holiday perfection.

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dig this chick said...

Your tree looks great. I don't like stylish Christmas trees...they are weird. Trees should be full of sock monkeys and Cubs bulbs not coordinated snowflakes.