03 October 2007

This weekend's big score!

It was cold and rainy here in Missoula this weekend, so garage sales were slim. I decided to hit the thrift stores instead. I found some really fabulous things and stayed dry too! Check out the goods...

  • A sweet wicker chair that will one day sit on a sun porch or in my office ($10)
  • A cute mirror bordered with wooden, yellow beads ($1)
  • A finel from an old staircase ($4)
  • 2 glass candle holders that I want to use as paperweights in my office ($1)

On a side note, I did end up stopping by one garage sale where I found a great old type writer and a super cute pair of old yellow and white, hand-knit mittens. I will post those later this week...

1 comment:

Leigh said...

I love the chair! What a deal. I thought mine, similar to this one, that I got a while back for $29 at the thrift store was a good deal. I have some good thrift scores that I'll post in a day or so.