10 October 2007

A little quiz

This came through my inbox while I was in Oregon and I thought it would make a fun post for the old blog. My friend Autumn that I went to high school with got sick of lame email surveys and decided to make her own. Here are my answers. Feel free to pass it on or to answer it yourself in the comments.


1.) List your full name. (Even if it isn't your legal one!)

Amy Marie Corbin (Esp)

2.) Do you have a nickname? (Whether you like it or not!)

Not really. It is hard to shorten Amy.

3.) What would you name your first born child? ( Or your next child if you already have children, even if you're not having any more! It's a game, people!)

James and I have a hard time agreeing on names. For a girl, I love the name Lola. Also Charlotte, after my favorite great aunt. For a boy I like Elliott. James is convinced that our first pregnancy will be twin boys and we will name them "The Ultimate Warrior" and "We don't expect much". We will not be putting any children through that torture.

4.) What kind of car would you drive if money was no object?

A 1960s Rolls Royce. Silver Cloud model. Lovely...

5.) Would you rather live in a smaller house, but take a great vacation every year, or live in a larger house with minimal vacations?

I want the smaller house with great vacation option, for sure. Right now I seem to have the small house/minimal vacation option, which I am not too excited about. But that is life at the moment. Hopefully I will be jaunting off to Europe next spring. We'll see...

6.) Bon Jovi or Guns N Roses? (Elvis or Beatles? if you were born before 1965. And if you were born after 1988, then Google them. All four are worth knowing about.)

Bon Jovi of course. Or the Beatles, but I was not born before 1965.

7.) What did you eat for lunch today? (automatically deduct 3 points if you didn't have lunch. I know we're not keeping score, but seriously, don't skip lunch!)

I have not had lunch yet, because it is early morning still. I will have chicken noodle soup that I packed for lunch today. Unless of course someone calls with an irresistible offer to go out for lunch instead...

8.) What is the last movie you saw in a theater? (Even if it was 10 years ago!)

Bourne Ultimatum... love this series.

9.) Do you prefer getting Christmas photo cards or Christmas letters?

I prefer the letters because I love to catch up on what has happened with all of you that I never see. Pictures are great, but I hate when all you get is the picture card with no info or updates.

10.) Name one memorable turning point in your life.

Traveling through Vietnam... amazing experience, fabulous people, totally life-altering.

11.) Name your #1 vice.

Good food in general. I'm an "eater" and if it is good, I have a hard time cutting myself off.

12.) Fight or Flight?

I am totally a fighter. I had a problem with punching people when I was young. They usually deserved it (that means you, Barry Snodgrass), but I usually got in trouble. So, definitely fight, unless it is the giant creepy spiders that live in our basement, then I prefer to run.

13.) When was the last time you went on a date? And what did you do? (A date with your husband counts, but only if you didn't have kids along.)

We went out for pizza last week and watched the baseball playoffs.

14.) What would your therapist say is your most pressing issue? ( If the answer is too personal, type "no comment", but it's something to think about anyway!)

I have really high expectations for myself and I don't deal with failure well...

15.) Do you think schools should teach handwriting or typing?

I think that typing is way more important in the "real world" now days, but sending a personalized note or letter or card is something I personally feel is important. So I think a balance of both is a good idea.

16.) What is your recurring nightmare?

The situation is usually varied, but the plot is always the same. I am trying desperately to get somewhere and things keep going wrong to prevent me from getting there. My luggage gets stolen, I forget my passport, my passport is expired, I get on the wrong plane, etc. I wake up completely panicked and stressed for the rest of the day.

17.) Name the one song whose lyrics really describe who you are. ( or how you feel)

This definitely depends on the day, but one of my current favorites is 32 Flavors, which was originally done by Ani Defranco. I prefer the Alana Davis version. In fact I love her whole "Blame it on me" album.

18.) Name one way you look at the world differently than you did 10-15 years ago.

I used to think that everything in life was black and white, there was no hint of gray and right vs. wrong was an easy distinction to make. Now I am not so certain...

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