16 October 2007

A homegrown feast from Sunset magazine

I used to think that Sunset magazine was for "old" ladies, boring, stuffy, etc. But after a makeover in the past 3 or 4 years, it has become one of my all-time favorite magazines. Their gardening articles and recipes are some of the best I've found, especially for a more regional focus. I have also started to think more about the ideas of local food and sustainable living in the last few years, as has just about everyone. I get daily inspiration from my friend Nici and her fabulous blog and my friend Becky, who strives to live an all-around contentious life. I am hoping to do my first real vegi garden next year and these girls will probably get some serious Q& A sessions from me.

So, as I was poking around the Sunset mag site the other night, I came across a fun project that is really inspiring. They are using their "office" site, which is actually kind of a little homestead, to create all of the ingredients for a fabulous feast. And they are documenting it with a blog called the one-block diet. Some of the pieces are a bit scarce, but the garden and the chicken teams have done a great job with updates and inspiration. (Chickens are another fascination of mine that I hope to have in the next few years. Check out the amazing and super cute chicken coup that they scored!) So check out their progress and get inspired!

Both photos from the Sunset blog, the one-block diet


Cornelia said...

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Ruby said...

I've tagged you for a "Nice Matters" blogging award, you can read more about it here: http://rubyreusable.com/artblog/

love, etc Diane aka Ruby Re-Usable