02 October 2007

Holiday madness...already

I had a very hip homemaker kind of night last night. I had ordered some ribbon the other day to finish my living room walls, which showed up in the mail yesterday. So, I played around with that a bit (pictures soon). Then, I went to the library and checked out a bunch of Martha holiday craft books so that I can start to plan my gifts and decorations. (I know its early, but if i start now, I might get done on time, plus i can make some fun stuff instead of buying crapola from the box store) Then i went to our fabulous local organic grocery and picked up groceries for the week, then went home and made a fabulous dinner. Hmmmm... I love those kind of days.

So, now that I am starting to look to the holidays, I thought I would share one of the ideas I want to put to use this year. The mantle branch, care of west elm. Enjoy!

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