30 September 2007

Portland's Rebuilding Center

As someone deep into some house projects, I appreciate saving a buck where I can and my local building materials re-use center is a great resource. When visiting Portland a few weeks ago, we stopped by the Rebuilding Center to peruse the goods and grab some things for our respective projects. Home Resource is great, but being located in an urban center definitely gave the Rebuilding Center an edge. They had an amazing space made of reused materials, rooms and rooms to everything you might need for your next project and some fabulously crafted re-use art all around the building. Here are some pictures just to get you excited...

The side entrance (notice the wall of reused windows)

The back room is full of old sinks and tubs with great vintage hardware

A bucket of nails

Beautiful custom windows

Awesome cabinetry, full sets or individual pieces

Old radiators stacked up, ready for a new use

Piles of old lumber to be used in your next project

Slabs of granite and marble "scraps"

Rows and row of doors of all shapes and sizes

The beautiful fence made from old tools, parts and pieces

So, the next time you are in Portland, stop by and see all of the fabulous things they have to offer at the Rebuilding Center. Better bring a big car...

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Leigh said...

This place looks amazing!