05 September 2007

Our first house [project]

I found some old file CDs in a box I was going through tonight and I opened them all up to see what they were. Amongst the resumes and old "Idea" files, I found a bunch of pictures from our first house project. Refinishing the wood floors.

Our house buying process was a bit challenging. In fact, our realtor and our lender both apologized profusely throughout the process and bought us a drink when we were done. It was stressful. We ended up closing about a week and a half later then planned, which meant rather then having 2 weeks to get the house ready to be lived in, we had 3 days. My fabulous mom came as reinforcement, I took a day off of work and we went to town. Here is a few pics of our floors, pre-redo.

They were covered with a horrible taupy-mauve carpet that was stained and stinky. The original owners had renovated the house in the seventies and didn't worry about dripping wall plaster or paint all over the floors. They were a mess. But I knew they could be beautiful, so we set to work. Here is a post-sanding pic.

Finally we put on the stain and the polyurethane. Here, J and my mom, lay down the stain. Notice that it is pitch black out at this point. Mom and I have been working for about 14 hours (James joined us after work) . We are worn out!

Finally, mom and I went back the next morning at 6am to put the final coat of polyurethane on before I went to work. It was a rough process, but totally worth it. Look at those shiny beautiful floors...

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dig this chick said...

gorgeous! have a fab trip in Oregon.