10 September 2007

Little cabins in the woods

Our first night on Cycle Oregon (my work trip for the next week or so) was in the small town of Sisters, Oregon. This town is really cute, but almost too cute in a Stepford sort of way. All of the buildings in the little downtown area look like a movie set. A little weird. Counter balancing that over-the-top stylized facade was the cozy, warm and almost brand new, Five Pines Lodge. This beautiful area has been open for just 5 months and they are still building some of the components, but it already has a ton of charm. In addition to the main lodge building which has several suites, they have several condo-style chalets and about two dozen individual cabins set in between towering pine trees. The well-maintained grounds are covered in wildflowers, with a small, rock-lined stream flowing throughout. It was so quaint and calm, even with 2000 cyclists swarming around with all of their tents, gear and bikes. They are also fairly well priced, with cottages running about $150/night in the fall-spring and $180 in the summer months. The town of sisters also maintains an impressive schedule of festivals and events throughout the year, so you could plan your trip around one of many fun affairs. Here are some photos of the lodge and conference center grounds. Oh, and the local theatre is also part of the complex so you can check out a flick while you are there as well.

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