30 September 2007

Portland's Rebuilding Center

As someone deep into some house projects, I appreciate saving a buck where I can and my local building materials re-use center is a great resource. When visiting Portland a few weeks ago, we stopped by the Rebuilding Center to peruse the goods and grab some things for our respective projects. Home Resource is great, but being located in an urban center definitely gave the Rebuilding Center an edge. They had an amazing space made of reused materials, rooms and rooms to everything you might need for your next project and some fabulously crafted re-use art all around the building. Here are some pictures just to get you excited...

The side entrance (notice the wall of reused windows)

The back room is full of old sinks and tubs with great vintage hardware

A bucket of nails

Beautiful custom windows

Awesome cabinetry, full sets or individual pieces

Old radiators stacked up, ready for a new use

Piles of old lumber to be used in your next project

Slabs of granite and marble "scraps"

Rows and row of doors of all shapes and sizes

The beautiful fence made from old tools, parts and pieces

So, the next time you are in Portland, stop by and see all of the fabulous things they have to offer at the Rebuilding Center. Better bring a big car...

29 September 2007

I'm still here...

I have finally returned from my trips, caught up on all of the backlog at work and now I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop trying to catch upon my personal life a little bit. That includes my blog, which has been sorely neglected this month. Despite the fact that I haven't had a lot of time to post, I do have tons and tons of things to post about: Yellowstone with my parents, some great new scores, some more fun stuff from Oregon, more house project magic and fun from the web. I told you there was a lot to say. But I still need to get everything organized. So, expect more in the next few days, but until then. Enjoy the view!

12 September 2007

The view from the mountain

Yesterday was a rest day for Cycle Oregon and Becky and I took the chance to do an early morning hike to the treeline on Thielson Peak. It was a calm, quiet hike with a gentle grade and tons of beautiful foliage, mushrooms and great views. We left the mountain refreshed and ready to face the hordes of crazy cyclists again.

10 September 2007

Little cabins in the woods

Our first night on Cycle Oregon (my work trip for the next week or so) was in the small town of Sisters, Oregon. This town is really cute, but almost too cute in a Stepford sort of way. All of the buildings in the little downtown area look like a movie set. A little weird. Counter balancing that over-the-top stylized facade was the cozy, warm and almost brand new, Five Pines Lodge. This beautiful area has been open for just 5 months and they are still building some of the components, but it already has a ton of charm. In addition to the main lodge building which has several suites, they have several condo-style chalets and about two dozen individual cabins set in between towering pine trees. The well-maintained grounds are covered in wildflowers, with a small, rock-lined stream flowing throughout. It was so quaint and calm, even with 2000 cyclists swarming around with all of their tents, gear and bikes. They are also fairly well priced, with cottages running about $150/night in the fall-spring and $180 in the summer months. The town of sisters also maintains an impressive schedule of festivals and events throughout the year, so you could plan your trip around one of many fun affairs. Here are some photos of the lodge and conference center grounds. Oh, and the local theatre is also part of the complex so you can check out a flick while you are there as well.

06 September 2007

On the road again...

I will be traveling through Oregon for the next 10 days and I am not sure how often I will be able to post. However, I plan to take lots of pictures and get lots of fun post ideas while I am away. Until next time...

05 September 2007

Our first house [project]

I found some old file CDs in a box I was going through tonight and I opened them all up to see what they were. Amongst the resumes and old "Idea" files, I found a bunch of pictures from our first house project. Refinishing the wood floors.

Our house buying process was a bit challenging. In fact, our realtor and our lender both apologized profusely throughout the process and bought us a drink when we were done. It was stressful. We ended up closing about a week and a half later then planned, which meant rather then having 2 weeks to get the house ready to be lived in, we had 3 days. My fabulous mom came as reinforcement, I took a day off of work and we went to town. Here is a few pics of our floors, pre-redo.

They were covered with a horrible taupy-mauve carpet that was stained and stinky. The original owners had renovated the house in the seventies and didn't worry about dripping wall plaster or paint all over the floors. They were a mess. But I knew they could be beautiful, so we set to work. Here is a post-sanding pic.

Finally we put on the stain and the polyurethane. Here, J and my mom, lay down the stain. Notice that it is pitch black out at this point. Mom and I have been working for about 14 hours (James joined us after work) . We are worn out!

Finally, mom and I went back the next morning at 6am to put the final coat of polyurethane on before I went to work. It was a rough process, but totally worth it. Look at those shiny beautiful floors...

04 September 2007

The dog days of summer

We designated the last day of our long weekend, Dogger Day and spent the whole day wearing out our crazy, energetic pooch. Here are a few pictures from the day, including a romp in the woods and a much needed bath...

03 September 2007

The livingroom update

I am checking things off my list and I only have a few things left. Here is the updated list:
  1. paint the edge of the floor brown (because the last painter dripped white paint all over the edges)
  2. put up baseboard trim (cut and put in place, just need to screw down)
  3. paint trim
  4. edge and grout entryway tiles
  5. put shelves above windows
  6. cover switch plates
  7. paint ceiling
  8. install a new light
  9. cover couch
  10. find a coffee table
Champ, inspecting my work on the tile project...