15 August 2007

A Whole New Yard

For most of the summer our yard has been a bit worse for the wear. We pulled out the remains of an old bush in June, so we have a nice dirt patch in that spot and our grass was poorly neglected for several years before we bought the house, so it doesn't take much to turn it brown. Then there was the little dog. When we first got her, she thought it was great fun to jump the fence and visit the neighbors, so we have had to keep her on a line when she is outside. And the best spot for the line was, of course right in the middle of everything.

But in the last month or so, the dog has learned not to jump the fence and she has been roaming free (for the most part) Yea! So I pulled up the stake yesterday, along with the toy scraps and dog poo that has populated that corner of the yard. And we have been watering mostly regularly and the grass is greener and thicker.

So I pulled out my beloved garden table, which is about half way sanded and scraped right now. It found a great spot in between our maple tree and the non-blooming lilac bush.

Then I hung my wonderful candelabra in the tree and put my succulent pot in the center. Bliss! Now we have a great little spot and the yard looks a bit more homey.

I also wanted to show off my little tomatoes because they make me so proud. And they are growing in pots with my herbs, which seems to kind of affect the flavor, just a little. Yummy!

And finally, I also broke out some lanterns I got at Target a few weeks ago on super, duper clearance sale. I had been stalking them for weeks, waiting for the sale to hit 75%. I snatched them up as soon as the sale hit. I grabbed four, which are nicely framing our porch.

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Leigh said...

Looks great. I love the candelabra. I used to have a table and chairs that looked almost just like that. I loved them. I think they are at my mom's or sister's house now.