28 August 2007

A shady garden spot

Because of the wonderfully large maple trees that surround our house on 3 sides, my flower gardens get very little sun light throughout the day. This has been a challenge, especially because most of the flowers I grew up loving in my mom's garden were sun-loving perennials. I have spent a lot of time over the last year looking for a variety of plants that will thrive in my shady spots and my luck has been hit or miss. Today I found to fabulous sites on line that gave me some great direction and inspiration.

First, check out the Shade Gardening pages at BackyardGardener.com. Here you can search by zone and get a list of plant links that include photos and fairly indepth descriptions and care instructions. I found a list of great options, including a whole set for "deep shade".

The second resource is a little bit less flashy, but informative. This page from the University of Minnesota Extension office goes beyond perrennials and annuals and offers suggestions of wild flowers, herbs and even vegetables that will grow in the shade.

I also wanted to throw in a little pitch for my all-around favorite garden site, YouGrowGirl.com. Great photos, great community, great advice. One of my favorite spots to lurk!

Happy gardening!

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