29 August 2007

Progress, sort of

I went home last night with a sense of determination to finish some of my living room projects. Namely, nailing in the base board trim, prepping the room for painting, cutting and putting in the trim form the entry way tile, and draining the fish tank so that I could fix the TV armoire.

But it was not meant to be.

I've been having one sticking point with the baseboard trim: some of it is a little warped because it is used and it had been sitting outside in the weather for a while. The nails that I had been using were not pulling it tight to the wall. So, last night I found one of these lovely screws that were left over from when we built our shed last year, compliments of my dad. They worked perfectly. Problem: I have 4 of them... I need a lot more. So, I called my dad to get the details about them so that when I went to the hardware store, I sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

Reverse threaded, finishing screw. Got it. So, I went and hit the 3 major home improvement stores that were still open and nobody had anything even close. In fact, some of them had never seen anything like this before. Not a good sign.

So needless to say, I spent a ton of time running around looking for crazy screws and not very much time at all on my actual projects. I did get all of the furniture and stuff in the living room pushed to the middle, drained the fish tank and fixed the armoire. But, the armoire still needs to be finished, the fish are still in a large jar, the fish tank is still in the bathtub, and the trim around the tile is not quite finished. Oh, and the trim is still not screwed down. Not what I had planned. We will try again tonight...

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