01 August 2007

Long time, no post

Life has gotten a bit hectic lately. It seems like I am just able to get all of the "must-do" items done and then I crash in bed at the end of the day, exhausted and a bit frazzled. I am trying to get some projects done though and I have been somewhat successful. I decided that my project tackling had been a bit haphazzard and I was easily distracted from one project by another, therefore never completing anything. So, last week, I wrote a list of 10 things to do in the living room this month. I figure that is the room we use the most and if I focus on that list, I will feel like I have completed something by the end. So, here is my list:
  1. paint the edge of the floor brown (because the last painter dripped white paint all over the edges)
  2. put up baseboard trim (cut and put in place, just need to screw down)
  3. paint trim
  4. edge and grout entryway tiles (almost done)
  5. put shelves above windows
  6. cover switch plates
  7. paint ceiling
  8. install a new light
  9. cover couch
  10. find a coffee table
So far, I have taped the edges of the floor so that I can paint, bought a new light and painted it and cut all of the trim for the living room. I feel pretty good about things so far. Here is a picture of some of my latest projects in progress. I promise to write more this week.

Edited 8/29/07 to update progress so far.


Sofia Barao said...

thank you for your comment on my blog. Lists, great I'm going to look at all your lists too ;-) have a nice day, sofia :)

The Hip Homemaker said...

I found your blog through the decor8 greeting card contest and I thought it was so great that you had just posted about lists too. I hope you enjoyed your visit.