03 August 2007

Light there be light

We have slowly been replacing the light fixtures in our house. First the kitchen, then the bedrooms, but i haven't been able to find a light for the livingroom at a price that I like. Most of the lights in the house were like this one below when we got the house. Probably my least favorite lighting style ever.

So, first I found this one below at my local builder's reuse center, Home Resource. I have gotten a lot of stuff for our remodel there including our kitchen light, siding for our shed, and hoses for our garden. I love them! Anyway, first I tried the chandelier.

I took the ugly, brassy thing you saw in yesterday's post and painted the whole thing a chocolaty brown. It looked great, but it was too long for our 8 foot ceilings. I am now saving it for a later house/project.

So, our ceiling had no light, just a gaping hole for about a week, and finally I got fed up. I went back to Home Resource and found this ugly thing. I don't even like gold jewlery all of the time, let alone a gold light fixture. So, I pulled out my can of brown spray paint and went to town.

The result is an non-ugly, 3-light fixture that gets the job done and isn't the hideousness that used to be there. (sorry the picture is so dark and grainy, I didn't get to take it until late last night)

It isn't my favorite thing, but for $8, I am not complaining. So, now I can check that off the living room list. Next up painting the edges of our floors...gettin' stuff done.

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