17 August 2007

girls gotta rock!

I think that we all have those lingering childhood dreams that periodically poke back up and whisper in your brain. You’re reminded of the “When I grow up…” phrases that changed every other week, mostly under the influence of the latest big screen hit. Fashion designer, astronaut, treasure hunter, bartender, pottery artist, babysitter, secretary, flight instructor, small town rebel, sheltered rich girl… you wanted to be anything except just a kid.

There are two of those crazy fantasies that have stuck with me to this day. I still want to be a dancer and the lead singer in an all girl rock band. Now, if I could find a decent, beginner’s modern dance class, I would join right now. Not, an “I danced for 14 years and have taken 3 years off and just want to get back into it” beginner class, but a “my body hasn’t been that flexible since I was in the womb” beginner class. Haven’t found it yet, but I will keep looking.

Now about that rock band fantasy. Some of you who have known me a long time will recognize the rock girl who has gleefully popped up in conversations over the years, but those of you who have only known me in the last year or two may be surprised. You see, in my current incarnation, I am not really rocker material, always hip, but definitely not edgy. Most people who know me right now, don’t even know that I love to sing (and am half-way decent) or play the piano. My secret indulgence last year was Rock Star: Supernova, which included every episode and several visits to their website. My favorite was Dilana and I am waiting for her next album like a junior high girl.

Today I stumbled across my big break in to the rock band fantasy. Ladies Rock Camp. Held in Portland, OR three times a year as a fundraiser for their Girl’s Rock Institute, it is a wanna-be rockers dream come true. You can leave behind your grown-up jobs, polite husbands and angelic children to rock with the girls for a long weekend. Form a band with other rocker hopefuls, write a song and perform it, all with instruction and guidance from some of your favorite indy rock ladies…what could be better? And even if you aren't ready for camp, you can still donate funds or equipment to keep the girls rockin'.

So, look out Portland, ‘cause I will be there to rock next summer and I’ve already packed my zebra striped mini.

The Blue Skulls Session 1 2006 Summer Camp

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