29 August 2007

For Jessica, some inspiration

My friend Jessica has been toying with the idea of a bit of apartment redecoration for a while now. Inspired by a picture she picked up while garage saling with me, she is looking for something a little bit more feminine. Last night, I spent some time researching some fun inspiration for her on the web. The picture she picked up is this fun tinted photo of a bunch of girls doing some choreographed dance moves, ala late 40's musical theatre. The coloring includes a nice eggplant purple and some various shades of pink. I used those colors, along with black and white to create a nice palate. I also took some notes from Breakfast at Tiffany's as you can see (one of her favorite movies). All of the artwork is from Etsy, with full credits below the collage. So Jessica, here's lookin' at you kid...

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