22 August 2007

Colorful Couscous Salad

This weekend, we had some dear, old friends come into town, which was reason enough to call in reinforcements and have a BBQ. We gathered potluck style at the house with the biggest yard and sat up late into the night, watching kiddos run and play and chatting up a storm. It was great!

I wanted to bring something healthy to share, something cool and fresh and tasty. So, I took inspiration from this recipe in the August Real Simple magazine and made a garbanzo and couscous salad platter. It was super easy and exactly what I wanted to eat.

I just made a couple boxes of garlic couscous, let it cool and spread it down the center of the platter in a big mound. Then spread a can of garbanzo beans down one side, grape tomatoes down the other and corn down the center. Then I topped it with fresh thyme, oregano and basil from my garden. It was a huge hit and I didn't spend hours in the kitchen. Hooray for summer parties!

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