16 August 2007

A big kid bed

Because my husband is a big softy, our dog has nosed her way into a permanent spot in our little tiny bed at night. We have shared a full-sized bed since we got married and it has just enough space for the two of us. Finding room for the dog has proved challenging, and irritating when she is restless. So, the tight squeeze has me dreaming of a big kid bed, king-size.

My Brocade Home catalog came in the mail this week, and while it is usually way to floofy for me, I did find this headboard appealing. It looks easy enough to make with a large piece of plywood and a jigsaw. I would forgo all of the other girly-ness, but the headboard would be cool.

So, when I get my big girl bed and get to move the full-sized bed to the guest room, I think I will make this headboard.

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