07 August 2007

Apricots...for free

My friend Becky and I had been ooing and ahhing over this apricot tree in town that is old and just covered in fruit. We tried calling the owner to get permission to pick, but she hadn't called back. Then Friday night, Becky's phone rang and it was the apricot lady. We could pick on Sunday, but we had to be careful not to break the branches on the old tree.

So, Sunday morning, I loaded my ladder and boxes into the car and drove to the tree to meet Becky. It was amazing how much fruit was on this tree. Even when we finished picking, it looked like we hadn't done a thing. But, man, did we ever pick. we picked for about an hour and each left with 3 or 4 boxes of fruit. Here are my three boxes, filled and ready to go. A lot of the fruit was still green, but it will ripen in the next few days and I will can it all. I may try making chutney as well as just canning them in syrup. They are really tasty and really beautiful and I can 't wait to see them in the jar.

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