16 July 2007

This weekend's big score

As it continues to be unbearably hot here in Missoula, around 100 degrees for 8 of the last 10 days, I didn't get out to hit too many yard sales this weekend. I did find a few great things however and there seems to be a "green" theme going on. So, here is this weekend's big scores:

-green striped tank-$1
-denim skirt with ruffly back-$4
-taupe slouchy shirt from Banana Republic-$2
-colorful, iridescent tea cup-$1
-another syrup warmer, this time in green with a peacock painted on-$.50
-a wooden apple with one slice cut out-$.50

So, for less then $10, I found some really fun items and didn't' have to endure the heat for too long. Hopefully the heat wave will break soon...


Jen / domestika said...

Syrup warmer? So that's what those little handled pot thingummies are called! I never knew... which is no doubt why I've always called them those little handled pot thingummies. I learned something today! :-)

The Hip Homemaker said...

I am not even totally sure that is what they are for. But the lady I bought the green one from told me that. So, I went with it. My other thought was some sort of milk warmer for espresso or coffee. If anyone knows for sure, let me know.

Jen / domestika said...

So let's just get together and make a pact to call them "syrup warmers" - do it without enough confidence, and we'll look like we know what we're talking about! ;)

The Hip Homemaker said...

Deal! I really love mine and it sit above my stove so I look at it every morning. Although, I have not tried to warm syrup in it yet... hmmm, pancakes tomorrow?