22 July 2007

This weekend's big score

I ended up working this Saturday, so no garage sales for me. But it was a very good week for deals from a bunch of different places. I did manage to hit the thrift store earlier in the week and found some great deals there. All for a grand total of $3.90...
  • Encyclopedia of gardening - $.80
  • Complete Idiots Guide to Sewing- $.80
  • What if the dinosaurs came back - $.40
  • Great Dames: -$.80
  • small turquoise glass bowl - $.50
and the creme de la creme...
  • a set of 8 vintage butter knives with bone handles (only 3 shown), all in great condition - $.50
Check out the detail of the handles here. I love the green too. It seems to be my favorite color of late.

Later in the week, I hit the free magazine bins at the library and found this great set of sewing books from the 70s. The covers are actually covered with fabric, including cotton canvas, silk, wool tweed and snakeskin leather. I really like the way they look and they have some useful techniques and ideas. Even if the graphics are a bit retro.

I have two other great scores that I will be posting about later in the week. Happy thrifting!

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iHanna said...

Wow, those bottom books look so darling cute, what a treasure!