18 July 2007

Kitchen shelf redo...

One of the best features of our little cottage was the built in shelving in the bedroom and kitchen. I have collected a variety of new and antique pottery and mixing bowls over the years and the kitchen built-in is a great place to display them. However, I had been struggling with the paint for the shelves for almost a year. The kitchen is a deep, rustic red with an oatmeal/cream trim. I wanted to paint the back of the shelves a nice contrasting color, but it took a while to find the right one. First I tried a deep, turqoisy blue, but it looked too "country home patriotic”. Then I tried a golden-yellow but it was too bright. Finally I settled on a paler version of the yellow and only did a light wash coat over white. I then spent way to long arranging everything just so. I still want to find a tall red pitcher or vase for the top shelf. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. I really like how it turned out. The kitchen is definitely my biggest project room and finishing this makes the kitchen feel that much more settled. So, “check”, off my list it goes!



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