10 July 2007

I heart Anthropologie

I found Anthropologie about 8 years ago somehow online and I have been in love ever since. Living in smallish town Montana means that the closest store is about 7 hours away. Because of this, I have learned to meticulously plan to visit any store I can when I am traveling for work or for fun. And I always buy something, even if it is just a drawer knob for my desk, which was my latest purchase. I have visited stores in Seattle, San Jose, San Fransisco, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Portland. I will admit, it is an obsession. I want to move into one of their stores, sleep on the giant beds, read all of the books, eat off of their delectable dish sets and don their fabulous clothing everyday. I have saved every catalog I have ever gotten from them. I LOVE IT!!!!

So, on my trip to Seattle over the weekend, Jessica and I hit their downtown store between walking Pike Place Market and visiting the Olympic Sculpture Park. Once again, I swooned through their two levels of home decor and apparel, below are some great shots from their catalog and store.


casapinka said...

I hear that! I always plan my trips to big cities around anthropologie and husband knows he will be with the kiddos for 2 hours while momma takes her time, peruses books, tests perfume and tries on coats. BLISS.

erinn said...

makes my heart skip a beat.