03 July 2007

Grilled pizzas and good conversation

Last Thursday night, Nici and I planned a calm, relaxing "progressive" dinner. We only live about 4 blocks apart, so we started with the main course and beers at my house and then headed over to her's for dessert. It was a beautiful night and a very low key evening of good food and conversation.

Some of you may have noticed my "This week's menu" feature in the right side bar. The last two weeks had each featured a night with grilled pizzas. This was something that I had wanted to try for quite some time, but had not gotten to. Once we tried them though, it was love at first bite. They are really the perfect summer food!

We bought our dough premade, but you can definitely make your own. I can’t for the life of me, remember where I found this fabulous idea, but here is a really good tutorial that I found. For toppings, I rounded up a bunch of fresh ingredients and a couple of meat options. We had grilled chicken chunks, organic turkey sausage, sautéed mushrooms, red peppers, sautéed spinach, goat cheese, mozzarella and instead of a tomato sauce, we went with hummus. They were yuuuhuummy! We loaded them up and enjoyed every bite. (PS. This photo is from Kate's blog, not our evening. Nici has more pictures of our actual fixin's at her blog.)

Afterwards we headed off to Nici’s for her fresh strawberry mousse, which was refreshing and delish after a long hot day.

The food was all wonderful, but the best part was enjoying conversation with someone that I talk to all the time, but don’t get that many chances to actually get to know. It was a great evening.

So on the theme of great grilled food, tonight I am going to try this chicken on a fresh salad and these grilled nectarines. I am excited to get to use some of the herbs from my little kitchen garden. We will see how that goes down. Enjoy the holiday!

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