22 July 2007

This weekend's big score

I ended up working this Saturday, so no garage sales for me. But it was a very good week for deals from a bunch of different places. I did manage to hit the thrift store earlier in the week and found some great deals there. All for a grand total of $3.90...
  • Encyclopedia of gardening - $.80
  • Complete Idiots Guide to Sewing- $.80
  • What if the dinosaurs came back - $.40
  • Great Dames: -$.80
  • small turquoise glass bowl - $.50
and the creme de la creme...
  • a set of 8 vintage butter knives with bone handles (only 3 shown), all in great condition - $.50
Check out the detail of the handles here. I love the green too. It seems to be my favorite color of late.

Later in the week, I hit the free magazine bins at the library and found this great set of sewing books from the 70s. The covers are actually covered with fabric, including cotton canvas, silk, wool tweed and snakeskin leather. I really like the way they look and they have some useful techniques and ideas. Even if the graphics are a bit retro.

I have two other great scores that I will be posting about later in the week. Happy thrifting!

18 July 2007

Kitchen shelf redo...

One of the best features of our little cottage was the built in shelving in the bedroom and kitchen. I have collected a variety of new and antique pottery and mixing bowls over the years and the kitchen built-in is a great place to display them. However, I had been struggling with the paint for the shelves for almost a year. The kitchen is a deep, rustic red with an oatmeal/cream trim. I wanted to paint the back of the shelves a nice contrasting color, but it took a while to find the right one. First I tried a deep, turqoisy blue, but it looked too "country home patriotic”. Then I tried a golden-yellow but it was too bright. Finally I settled on a paler version of the yellow and only did a light wash coat over white. I then spent way to long arranging everything just so. I still want to find a tall red pitcher or vase for the top shelf. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. I really like how it turned out. The kitchen is definitely my biggest project room and finishing this makes the kitchen feel that much more settled. So, “check”, off my list it goes!



16 July 2007

This weekend's big score

As it continues to be unbearably hot here in Missoula, around 100 degrees for 8 of the last 10 days, I didn't get out to hit too many yard sales this weekend. I did find a few great things however and there seems to be a "green" theme going on. So, here is this weekend's big scores:

-green striped tank-$1
-denim skirt with ruffly back-$4
-taupe slouchy shirt from Banana Republic-$2
-colorful, iridescent tea cup-$1
-another syrup warmer, this time in green with a peacock painted on-$.50
-a wooden apple with one slice cut out-$.50

So, for less then $10, I found some really fun items and didn't' have to endure the heat for too long. Hopefully the heat wave will break soon...

12 July 2007

Everybody was hot, hot...hot

It has been sweltering here in western Montana over the last week or so. Last night it was 95 degrees during our soccer game and we were pooped by the end. I went home and doused myself with the hose to cool off. However, despite the heat, our house stays around 75 during the day because we have all of these wonderful shade trees and I have avoided any sort of inside cooking for a few weeks. last night, however, I broke down and turned on my oven. I really wanted to try this great recipe for Ratatouille from Smitten Kitchen. So colorful and it looked delish. So, I fired up the oven and went to work. It was not nearly as good looking as hers, but it tasted wonderful, despite the fact that I overcooked it a bit (just like she said not too). And now I have good lunch for the rest of the week.

While I had the oven on, I decided to throw in some banana bread for breakfasts. I had some well-done bananas and some fresh cranberries I wanted to use up. So, I pulled a recipe out of Nigella Lawson's How to Be a Domestic Goddess. I have really enjoyed this book and will probably purchase it in the future (I checked it out from the library). She includes recipes that are fairly simple, but produce a beautiful treat. Her banana bread recipe was perfect, it came out moist and melty, instead of dry and cakey. Just right. I substituted the cranberries and red wine, for her golden raisins and rum. The tartness of the cranberries really offsets the sweetness of the bananas. I had to take a picture of the mixing however, because I used farm eggs from my friend and the yolks were so yellowy-orange that the mixture was a bright, golden yellow.

Now that I am done, I doubt I will turn on my oven for the next week. Stay cool everyone!

11 July 2007

Of ships and sails and sealing wax...

How much do I love this? So much I had to post it right away. I would love to have one to hang in my house. I love her birds as well... Fabulous find from decor8. There are so many talented people in the world.

10 July 2007

I heart Anthropologie

I found Anthropologie about 8 years ago somehow online and I have been in love ever since. Living in smallish town Montana means that the closest store is about 7 hours away. Because of this, I have learned to meticulously plan to visit any store I can when I am traveling for work or for fun. And I always buy something, even if it is just a drawer knob for my desk, which was my latest purchase. I have visited stores in Seattle, San Jose, San Fransisco, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Portland. I will admit, it is an obsession. I want to move into one of their stores, sleep on the giant beds, read all of the books, eat off of their delectable dish sets and don their fabulous clothing everyday. I have saved every catalog I have ever gotten from them. I LOVE IT!!!!

So, on my trip to Seattle over the weekend, Jessica and I hit their downtown store between walking Pike Place Market and visiting the Olympic Sculpture Park. Once again, I swooned through their two levels of home decor and apparel, below are some great shots from their catalog and store.

04 July 2007

Happy Birthday Champeroo!

Our sweet baby girl, Champagne, or Champ as we call her, is 1 year old today. We celebrated by sleeping in a bit, getting party hats, gifts and treats, and then going for a walk and a swim by the river. Right now, she is sound asleep in her kennel cause she is all partied out!

Here are a few pictures from the day, enjoy!

Have a safe holiday, we are off to Seattle for a wedding this weekend, I will post when I can!

03 July 2007

Grilled pizzas and good conversation

Last Thursday night, Nici and I planned a calm, relaxing "progressive" dinner. We only live about 4 blocks apart, so we started with the main course and beers at my house and then headed over to her's for dessert. It was a beautiful night and a very low key evening of good food and conversation.

Some of you may have noticed my "This week's menu" feature in the right side bar. The last two weeks had each featured a night with grilled pizzas. This was something that I had wanted to try for quite some time, but had not gotten to. Once we tried them though, it was love at first bite. They are really the perfect summer food!

We bought our dough premade, but you can definitely make your own. I can’t for the life of me, remember where I found this fabulous idea, but here is a really good tutorial that I found. For toppings, I rounded up a bunch of fresh ingredients and a couple of meat options. We had grilled chicken chunks, organic turkey sausage, sautéed mushrooms, red peppers, sautéed spinach, goat cheese, mozzarella and instead of a tomato sauce, we went with hummus. They were yuuuhuummy! We loaded them up and enjoyed every bite. (PS. This photo is from Kate's blog, not our evening. Nici has more pictures of our actual fixin's at her blog.)

Afterwards we headed off to Nici’s for her fresh strawberry mousse, which was refreshing and delish after a long hot day.

The food was all wonderful, but the best part was enjoying conversation with someone that I talk to all the time, but don’t get that many chances to actually get to know. It was a great evening.

So on the theme of great grilled food, tonight I am going to try this chicken on a fresh salad and these grilled nectarines. I am excited to get to use some of the herbs from my little kitchen garden. We will see how that goes down. Enjoy the holiday!

02 July 2007

Weekend Chaos

I had every intention of posting on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, but life had other plans. I was on my way to the library to return some books and drop off about 40 magazines in their free mag bin when a grandma in a Subaru ran a red light and crashed into my new little car. Granted it is really an old, little car, but it was new to us. We had bought it exactly a month before. Luckily, everyone was fine, but the little car may be toast and dealing with all of that put a serious cramp in my weekend plans. So, I will try to post something of substance tonight. Maybe some post-crash pics of our little car. 'til then... drive safe.