13 June 2007

What's in a name?

As I thought about doing this blog, I tossed around several names, letting them roll around in my head for a few days before discarding them. None of them seemed to fit. Then I remembered one of my favorite crafty projects to date: The Hip Homemaker Kit.

I have always loved giving the gift of a kit or set. Not just a singular object, but a themed assortment of goodies. A couple of years ago, I came up with these kits as holiday gifts for my closest girl friends. The summer before we had all taken some pretty big life steps; marriage, moving away, buying a house, etc. and I thought that this would inspire each of them in their new adventures. Plus I am mildly obsessive about good old-fashioned housekeeping, reading Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook like it was a juicy novel. It was the perfect idea!

At first I wanted to find cute little vintage aprons, but obviously someone else had the same idea because every thrift and antique store I visited, it was the same line, “We had a bunch of those last week, but someone came in and bought them all up the other day.” The little old ladies would smile apologetically and then suggest a couple of other spots, that I had of course already tried. So, not to be put out, I decided to make my own. Now, I had sewn a little bit off and on, mostly repairing seems or loose buttons, but this was a whole new ball of wax. And of course, using a pattern would be too easy. No, I was going to wing it. How hard could it be?

And miraculously, it worked. I made 8 kits that year, each with their own unique apron, made to match their new owners. The kits also included:

-A cover sheet, outlining the contents of the kit and offering some kitschy inspiration

-BHG’s “Making a Home” (I found used copies of the book on Alibris for about $4 each)

-A perpetual calendar to fill in birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates that we all forget

-A list of my favorite useful homekeeping websites, many of which are book marked on this site.

-A hand knit dish cloth, my first foray into knitting

The kits were a huge hit and one of my favorite projects. I have been thinking that this year, I will do a follow-up kit, with some more fun additions. Potholders, kitchen gadgets, maybe a cookbook (since they are my current obsession). Hmmm… the wheels of creativity are turning. Maybe I will get a head start on my holiday gifts.

So, that project has become the inspiration for this new endeavor, my blog. Hopefully it will be as big of a hit as its namesake.


Dacia said...

I love kits too. Yours look super!

The Hip Homemaker said...

Thanks, it was my first attempt and it turned out well. I am excited to try some fresh ideas.