24 June 2007

This weekend's big score!

Another great garage sale weekend for me. Some useful things, so fun things, all fabulous deals!

I hit several sales in my neighborhood, and probably could have kept going for a few more hours, but I had hit my threshold and needed to get some actual projects done. Here is what I found.

- A set of 3 stackable bins for my recycling ($.75)

- 2 small storage boxes for the office I will have someday ($2)

- A set of 4 curtain long panels in khaki silk, perfect for our bedroom ($4)

- A large antique casserole dish in a chocolate brown glaze ($1)

- A small terracotta pot with peeling yellow paint ($.25)

- 2 cute little enamel pots (the red and blue on the top, not sure what they are for, but couldn’t resist) ($4)

- 2 CDs, Shawn Colvin and Meredith Brooks ($2)

- An old sugar mold, turned candle holder ($5)

I also got a few things for James that aren’t pictured: 2 Playstation controllers, 3 memory cards and a Tetris game for Playstation. He was very happy.

On a sad note, I did miss out on one mega deal, a solid wood craftsman-style door with a leaded glass window, $15. It was sold when I got there and I almost cried when I saw it. So sad. I might actually drive by the house and see if the buyer ever came by to pick it up.

But my thrifting spirit was again buoyed when I visited Home Resource our local recycled building materials warehouse. They had just received a bunch of new interior and exterior doors and I was able to find doors to replace all of our interior doors (boring flat panel hollow core) with new matching 6-panel hollow core doors. For a total of 4 doors, $24. Not too shabby. And I found vintage chrome knobs to match some pulls I picked up about a year ago. 11 knobs for $4. Someday I will find new used cabinets for our kitchen and the knobs and pulls will be put to use. Look for pictures of the doors, pre and post installation, as well as our other weekend projects, later this week!

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