18 June 2007

This weekend's big score!

One of my favorite threads on the digsmagazine boards, is the Score! thread. Anyone can flaunt their amazing deal for everyone else to ooh and aah over. So, in the spirit of that thread and to give me an outlet for my garage sale/thrift store habit. I am going to start doing my own regular posting, "This weekend's big score!".

So, here is this weekend's big score! My friends Nici and Nelly hosted a garage sale this weekend. They are two of my favorite women anyway, and I love garage sales, so I spent most of Saturday morning hanging with them, being a garage sale groupie. Now of course between pastries and strong morning coffee, I had to peruse the goods. Here is all the sweet stuff I found:

- Set of 8 beautiful stemless wine glasses ($2)
- 2 gorgeous silk scarves (I think from Nelly's Thailand trip) ($1)
- 3 back issues of Everyday Food and a copy of Real Simple Food (FREE!!)
- a roll of paper, white with black chandeliers ($.25)
- 3 books, one for my friend Jessica (Go Girl, finding adventure whereever the road leads) ($3)
- a stack of cool stationary and random cards (I need to write more letters) ($1)
- a wallet ($1)
- a cute black bench ($2)
- and finally, my most exciting purchase, a label maker, with an extra cartridge. ($1)

As you can see, it was a good garage sale weekend!

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