17 June 2007

Test Driving a ... kitten?

My husband called me on Friday at work, "Do we want a kitten? They're pretty cute..." I had visions of a cute little fluff ball being batted around by our sweet, well intentioned, but way too excited dog. "Can we try it out for the weekend? I am not totally sure this is the best idea." So on Friday night he pulled up with a teeny tiny black fluff ball who had just pooped on his car seats. Not the best start, but the cuteness made up for it. He had also brought home some print outs with titles like "how to introduce your new pet to your old pets' or something like that.

So, we followed all of the steps, pets meet on either side of a door, pets eat together, pets wander around the same room, while the crazy energetic one is securely on her leash. Then we put them nose to nose... and the dog promptly gave the kitten a mild concussion by thwacking it on the head with her paw in an effort to play. Kitten was done with that. We spent the rest of the weekend keeping them conveniently separated, with segregated playtimes and snuggles.

The dog has been mostly curious and excited, but she is also a typical only child and has been a bit jealous as well. At one point, while we were playing with the kitten on the living room rug, she had planted herself firmly in the middle of the flower garden she knows is off limits. And, she firmly held her ground, even when she saw me coming. So, we will not become cat owners, at least not for now. Maybe we just need to find a big old Tom cat that can stand up to our bully dog!


Anonymous said...

We suck Amy! After lunch on Sunday, Tim & Shelley came by to borrow some things, and Chris and I crashed. Camp was amazing, but we're too old to spend 24/7 with a bunch of energetic middle schoolers. I feel like a truck hit me still! Please forgive us for not coming by to see the kitten. I'm working on Chris, but he's thinking pooch these days!

The Hip Homemaker said...

No problem! She actually found a great home. She was a lot of fun though...