26 June 2007

My little kitchen window

I was finally able to finish the curtain that I have been trying to make for my kitchen window for the past few weeks. The first attempt was too long so, I ripped out the seam and shortened it again, but I kind of want to shorten it a little bit more. The latch for the window sticks out on the bottom and it makes the curtain look uneven. We’ll see, but I wanted to get it posted, so here it is. I really like how the patchwork top turned out, but it was much more challenging then I thought it would be. I am not at all methodical about these sorts of projects, nor do I ever follow a pattern or anything, so I am pretty happy with the finished product. Oh, and I am making a wooden rod, but I had this one laying around for the photo shoot. Yes, it's a bit bent. Next up, shades for the bedroom windows…

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