22 June 2007

Life after...30?

I know that some of you who will be reading this looked at the title and thought, “What the heck is she talking about, of course there is life after 30. Stupid kids!” But hear me out before you delete my blog from your virtual memory.

I have been feeling some angst lately, balancing all of the pieces of my life, still trying to figure out what I want to be when I “grow up”, fearing that I may be missing out on something or that I might never do some of the things on my “Things to do before I die” list. Then, as I started to talk about it, I realized that I’m not on my own in this. I am surrounding by women in their early 30s that are in a million different life spaces right now, but all feeling similarly unsettled somehow. So I went looking for insight and hopefully some reassurance and I found it in an unlikely place.

My name is Amy and I am a Library Junkie. I currently have 21 books from my local library in various corners of my house, along with 12 other holds that I am waiting for. I am there once a week, combing my favorite sections and the “new release” shelves. I LOVE the library!

I was in there about a month ago, cruising the cookbook aisle, looking for some inspiration and I found this book, Julie & Julia. Having my own copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking languishing in my cupboard, it piqued my interest. I took it home, expecting to find recipes, suggestions, etc, but instead I found inspiration and a strong sense of relief.

The story is funny, poignant and at times a bit crass, but it is honest. Honest about losing dreams, getting stuck, trying something totally crazy and finding a new path. In a nut shell, our author, Julie Powell, when faced with a boring day job and personal crisis decides she is going to cook through every recipe in Julia Child’s book over the course of a year. She thinks she is crazy, her friends and family agree, but she knows she has to shake it up before she totally looses it. Not only did she make me laugh and feel a bit of sisterly camaraderie, she introduced me to Julia Child, who was not who I expected at all. Did you know that Julie did not start cooking until she was 39 year old? Didn’t marry until she was 37? Worked for the OSS during WWII?

So, there not only is life after 30, it is rich and crazy and it will most likely not be what we expected when we were teenagers. I still feel some angst, but it is less pressing and I know that I still have time to sort it all out…

If you have your own inspirations, please share.

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dig this chick said...

We have talked about this a ton...feeling overwhlemed with all of the possibilites and choices we have. In a twisted way I am jealous of previous generations and their lack of choices. Ok, so I am not really jealous but I do sometimes feel claustrophobic by my millions of options.