21 June 2007

In the garden

When I was growing up my mom always had a huge, vibrant flower garden that wrapped around our front porch. It was one of my favorite things as a kid. I would pick the flowers for my dolls or even make little flower fairy dolls out of the hollyhocks. It was always colorful and chaotic and I loved everything about it.

Now, I am doing some gardening of my own. My gardens are all in shade, so I have been learning a lot about some new plants. The one thing I miss about the sun loving plants is all of their riotous color. However, the subtle, sort of antique beauty of the shade plants is starting to grow on me. This foxglove is one of my favorites.

I have am also trying my hand at herbs and tomatoes this year. I have never grown anything other then flowers and the process has been a little intimidating and a lot exciting. I feel like I am six again with my dixie cup seedlings from camp. I check the tomatoes everyday and yesterday I found these cute little tomatoes starting to grow.

I get a lot of inspiration from Nici, In My Kitchen Garden, from the great You Grow Girl site and book. Maybe next year I will branch out more and try some beans and lettuce…

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