27 June 2007

Closet organization for the rest of us (CAUTION: Excessive Ranting)

Why is that whenever you find a magazine article or HGTV episode on closet makeovers, the closet is about the size of my living room and the owner still “has a hard time making it all fit”? OH… MY… GOSH! People who have 400 sq. ft. closets should not need help with organizing. If they can’t make it work, maybe what they really need is help for their shopping problem. My little house, as I have mentioned, has very little closet space as it is and the closets we do have are very small. What I really want is help for the average person. The person who has one of those horribly designed, standard single-rod closets. Heck, how about the people that have to share one of those. I know it is not as fun, it doesn’t look as fabulous in a magazine spread, but it is the reality that most of us live in. Come on people!

And who decided that our current standard closet design was a good idea: one rod, with a shelf above it that seems to be able to hold a ton, except you can’t actually fit anything up there because the doors aren’t tall enough to provide access to that part of the closet. Honestly, does this make sense to a-n-y-o-n-e. Wow, I am on a roll today.

So, I have designed my own closet shelving that is working okay, ( I will post pictures tomorrow) but could use some tweaking. I also raised the shelf and rod in order to minimize the unused space above it. However, at 5’2”, I can only go so high. My final plan is to build rolling under the bed drawers for seasonal items and shoes. I have also started looking at more Modern/Minimalist design or European design to find realistic ideas. Dwell magazine has some useable ideas and great inspiration. Another resource is Apartment Therapy. A lot of the featured homes are small urban apartments where storage has to be creative. The other thing that I do to channel my frustration; I keep a list of all of the things I would do differently if I could build/design my own closet or hopefully, home. Someday…


Anonymous said...

can't we all just have walk in closets... one can only dream.

I love your posting's so far but since I usually check the website at work my firewalls block your pictures that you post. Bummer. I guess I will just need to come by periodically for visits to see the changes happening.

Anyway keep up with the postings I know I don't normally post comments but that is because I am so not a susie-homemaker let alone a Hip one, as you well know.

Mama K

jorg gray said...

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